The Cyprus CBI program was shuttered during late 2020 amidst allegations of official misconduct, removing one of the fastest ways to obtain an European passport directly by investment. The Malta Individual Investor Program was discontinued during the same year as well.

As of February 2021, the only fast-track EU passport program left is the newly launched – and awkwardly named – Malta Citizenship by Naturalisation for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment program. Given this wandering naming convention, it is likely that prospective applicants will refer to it as the Malta Exceptional Investor Program or some such derivative; especially when searching for it online.

The good news is that there are various other Citizenship By Investment Program available, that, while not being part of the EU, offer visa-free travel to the EU.

The current list of CBI programs with visa-free access to both the UK and EU include:

  1. St Kitts and Nevis CBI

  2. St Lucia CBI

  3. Antigua and Barbuda CBI

  4. Dominica CBI

  5. Grenada CBI

  6. Vanuatu CBI

In addition, all of these programs, with the exception of the Montenegro CBI, offer visa-free access to the UK.

With the exception of the now defunct Cyprus Citizenship Program, ALL of the Citizenship By Investment Programs on the market today offer faster application processes. For the Caribbean Programs and the Turkey CBI, you’re looking at approximately 5 to 6 months to become naturalized and obtain your passport.

For the former Montenegro Investment Passport, you were looking at approximately 3 to 4 months to acquire citizenship. And if you need the fastest investment citizenship program in the world, there’s no beating the Vanuatu Citizenship Program.

 With minimum government contributions starting from $130,000, inclusive of service and government processing fees, the only addition cost to factor in is a due diligence fee of $5,500. And for married couples, it’s an even more cost-effective solution – priced from only $155,500 all-in.

Depending on which investment passport program you choose, you can also get visa-free access to strategic business destinations such as Hong Kong, Russia, Singapore, Brazil and China.

And depending on the size of your family and the age of your children, some programs may offer far more value than others.

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