Vanuatu Investment Passport Cost 2024

(Non-Refundable Government Donations Priced From $130,000. Lowest legally permissible program pricing guaranteed. Contact us to get a free quote now.)

The Vanuatu Passport has an iconic teal-green / aqua color.

The below Vanuatu passport cost table for 2024 is in line with the official program pricing as determined by the Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment Unit. The below citizenship donations are inclusive of agency commissions, but excludes due diligence fees.

PLEASE NOTE: Paying less than these minimum stipulated amounts is illegal – and could lead to your citizenship and passport being revoked… Moreover, technically you cannot buy a Vanuatu passport; you obtain it as a consequence of  becoming a citizen of Vanuatu on the basis of making the requisite donation.

Also be sure to view our Citizenship By Investment Price Comparison Chart to compare the Vanuatu passport program against those of St Kitts, St Lucia, Antigua, Dominica and Grenada, or contact us now for a free consultation.

2024 Official Vanuatu Passport Program Costs


$135,500 all-in
  • (Includes $130,000 government donation, service fees & $5,500 due diligence fee)
  • 1 Passport ($135,500)


$155,500 all-in
  • (Includes $150,000 government donation, service fees & $5,500 due diligence fee)
  • 2 Passports ($77,750 p.p.)


$170,500 all-in
  • (Includes $165,000 government donation, service fees & $5,500 due diligence fee)
  • 3 Passports ($55,833 p.p.)


$185,500 all-in
  • (Includes $180,000 government donation, service fees & $5,500 due diligence fee)
  • 4 Passports ($46,375 p.p.)

As of September 2023, third-party due diligence fees are charged at $5,500 for a family of up to four members. For families of more than four, the following additional fees are applicable:

  • Additional minor children: $10,000 per applicant.

  • Additional adult children (18 – 25 years): $10,000 per applicant.

  • Dependent parents (over 65 years): $10,000 per applicant.

What are the additional costs?

When we say we’re the most affordable service provider for the Vanuatu CBI Program, we mean it. The above citizenship donation amounts are inclusive of due diligence costs, our fees, the mandatory government donations and Citizenship Commission fees up to a family of four.

If your family is larger than 4 members, a nominal additional service fee is applicable. In addition, an additional due diligence fee may be applicable, depending on the age of the additional dependent applicant.

However, your total cost will still be cheaper than you’d pay with any other service provider.

If you wish to travel to Vanuatu to explore the country and take your citizenship oath in the country, the associated travel and accommodation costs will be for your own account. Depending where you travel from, the costs for two adults should start from around $5,000.

PLEASE NOTE: The minimum program fees (i.e. the government donation amounts) are set by law. ONLY our professional service fees have been discounted to offer you the lowest overall costing as permitted by the laws of Vanuatu.

Applying for additional children (in addition to two minor dependents), older children and dependent adults over 65 years old may incur additional costs.

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