Looking for a Vanuatu passport for sale in 2024? Meet the New Vanuatu CBI Program Option: The Capital Investment Immigration Program (CIIP)

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Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment Cost 2021

Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment. Golden Passport. Vanuatu passport for sale. These are just a few of the phrases foreign applicants like you use to find us when they want to apply for Vanuatu’s government-backed Citizenship By Investment (CBI) program with a view to obtain a second powerful passport.

So you can continue reading to discover some of the program’s most salient features below, or simply complete the contact for at the end of this page to request a free call-back from a government approved agent for the Vanuatu CBI Program.

5 important facts to know about “buying a Vanuatu passport” in 2024

Fact 1: Technically speaking, one cannot “buy” a second passport: First off, it is important to understand that you cannot “buy” a second passport in Vanuatu per se.

Instead, you become eligible to apply for Vanuatu citizenship on the basis of making a significant, prescribed donation to the Government of Vanuatu’s Development Support Program. Such a contribution then serves to meet the legal requirements to qualify you for naturalization by exception.

Then, as a naturalized citizen, you become eligible to obtain a Vanuatu passport, having become one of its citizens by means of investment.

But in the interest of accuracy and maintaining decorum, refer to the process as Citizenship By Investment – NOT buying a Vanuatu passport….

Fact 2: There is no way to apply for second citizenship directly: You have to apply via a government approved agent; you cannot apply directly to the Government of Vanuatu or their Citizenship By Investment Unit yourself.

The reason for this is simply that the Vanuatu government is not geared to deal with thousands of enquiries and applicants from across the globe directly; they have outsourced this function to a list of approved suppliers.

The simplest way to get started is to complete the below contact form; a government approved agent will get back to you promptly. 

Fact 3: Shopping around is not going to get you bigger discounts: The Vanuatu government has set the following minimum retail pricing model (i.e. you aren’t legally allowed to pay less than the following amounts):

  1. Single applicant: $130,000 ($135,500 ALL-IN)
  2. Married couple: $150,000 ($155,500 ALL-IN)
  3. Family of 3: $165,000 ($170,500 ALL-IN)
  4. Family of 4: $180,000 ($185,500 ALL-IN)

Any program agent offering you a discount or kick-back that will see you paying less than the above amounts is breaking the law, and paying less will mean breaking the law yourself.

Doing so can also result in your citizenship application being rejected, or your citizenship and passport being revoked. You can verify the above program pricing information on this official government site.

Hence, your search for the lowest Vanuatu citizenship price is officially over…

Simply complete the below form once you’re ready to get started with your Vanuatu citizenship application. 

Fact 4: Your Vanuatu citizenship application can be completed fully remotely: Given the program’s highly streamlined and digitized processing system, you can apply for Vanuatu citizenship from the comfort of your own home.

Your citizenship oath can be completed via Skype or Zoom, and you don’t even need to travel to Vanuatu to collect your passport.

In fact, you NEVER need to set foot on the island, as the program has no minimum stay or residency requirements…

Fact 5: Vanuatu’s CBI is the fastest program of its kind in the world: Whereas most of the world’s CBI programs advertise the process duration to be 3 to 4 months, but realistically take 6 months (or more) to process your citizenship application and issue your passport, the Vanuatu routinely sees applicants take delivery of their passports within 30 to 45 days.

The only thing that can delay this, potentially is delays in terms of obtaining your local police clearance certificate as a result of Covid-19 delays.

 So if you’re ready to start your application process, we suggest that you prioritise getting this clearance document first.