How To Get Vanuatu Citizenship: ALL The Ways To Become A Vanuatu Citizen In 2024

Looking to get Vanuatu Citizenship in 2024? While there are several ways of becoming a citizen of Vanuatu, the country is most famous for its Citizenship By Investment (CBI) Program.

Holding a Vanuatu citizenship and passport unlocks a world of freedom, mobility and optionality – not to mention exceptional tax benefits. Below, we take a look at all the ways of getting a Vanuatu citizenship and passport, including:

Citizenship By Investment (CBI)

Citizenship By Naturalization

Citizenship By Marriage

Citizenship By Descent (Ancestry)

Reclaiming Your “Lost” Vanuatu Citizenship.

For the Citizenship By Investment option, we also take a look at your various donation and investment based program options in more detail…

Vanuatu Location Map 2024

Citizenship By Descent Program: Yes
CBI Program Legal Basis: Citizenship Act CAP 112
Dual Citizenship Recognized: Yes
Passport Validity: 10 Years
Local Language Requirement For CBI Citizenship: None
Cultural Knowledge Requirement For CBI Citizenship: None
Population: 58.94 million (2022)
Crypto Friendly Country: Yes
Location: 17.7333° S, 168.3273° E (South Pacific)
Capital: Port Vila
Currency: Vatu
GDP: US $1.056 billion (2022)
Official Languages: English, French and Bislama

Ways of Obtaining Vanuatu Citizenship


Get Vanuatu Citizenship Via The Capital Investment Immigration Plan (CIIP) – Vanuatu CBI Program Option [Form D]

Legal Basis: Vanuatu Citizenship Act & Citizenship Amendment Acts

Get Vanuatu Citizenship Via The Development Support Program (DSP) – Vanuatu CBI Program Option

Legal Basis: Vanuatu Citizenship Act CAP 112

Get Vanuatu citizenship under the Real Estate Option Program (REO) – Vanuatu CBI Program Option

Note: This program option is relatively new, and has not yet been streamlined. Hence we do not recommend it to our clients. You can view the 4 Vanuatu Government Approved Projects here. Also note that you will have to apply for Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment via a Government Authorized Agent (such as ourselves); you cannot apply for Vanuatu citizenship without an approved agent’s assistance.


  • Get Vanuatu Citizenship By Naturalization [Form A]: Foreign nationals may become eligible to apply for Vanuatu Citizenship after living in Vanuatu for a continuous period of at least 10 years immediately prior to application.View the Vanuatu Citizenship Office’s guide to the citizenship application process in Vanuatu here.
  • Get Vanuatu Citizenship By Marriage To A Vanuatu Citizen [Form B]: To qualify, you have to be legally married to a citizen of Vanuatu, AND you must have lived in Vanuatu for a period of at least 2 years prior to applying for citizenship.
  • Get Vanuatu Citizenship By Entitlement (Ancestry) [Form C(a)]: You can qualify for Vanuatu citizenship if your parent or grandparent is a person of Ni-Vanuatu ancestry, OR a citizen by naturalization.
  • Regaining Of  Renounced Vanuatu Citizenship [Form C(b)]: If you renounced your Vanuatu citizenship previously, you can apply to regain it using this form.
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Benefits Of Getting Vanuatu Citizenship


Vanuatu’s government has set the minimum legal retail pricing for the Citizenship By Investment program – and that’s aexactly what we’re charging – not a cent more.

Hence, there’s no need to shop around any further. 


Enjoy visa-free travel to 83 countries around the world, including Russia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Additional visa-free destinations include, Austria, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Kosovo


The Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment Program is the fastest program of its kind in the world.

You and your family can be citizens of Vanuatu in under 45 days from now.


Your CBI contribution only becomes payable, directly to the Government of Vanuatu, once your application has been approved in principle.

Your only non-refundable cost is the $5,500 due diligence fee.


Applicants don’t ever need to visit Vanuatu to obtain Vanuatu citizenship and a second passport, nor are they required to adhere to minimum annual visits in order to obtain or maintain their citizenship status.


Apart from VAT, Vanuatu does not charge any material taxes, making obtaining Vanuatu nationality a powerful tool in terms of optimising your global tax obligations.


Leave your loved ones a truly global legacy – and the ultimate Plan B as a safety net.

Add your spouse, parents, grandparents over the age of 50, and kids under the age of 25 to your CBI application.


Consular support is not something many people consider – until something goes very wrong while they’re travelling abroad.

Vanuatu citizens enjoy access to British consular services anywhere in the world, should you ever need their assistance.

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