Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment Program vs the Dominica CBI Program (2022)

Compare the minimum donations, application timelines and program benefits for the Vanuatu and Dominica CBIs below:

Minimum Donation $130,000 ($135,500 total) $125,000 ($167,400 total)
Application Timeline 30 – 45 Days 6 Months
Family Eligibility Spouse, Children, Parents, Grandparents (55+) Spouse, Children, Parents, Grandparents (55+)
Minimum Stay None None
Language Requirement None None
Professional Fees None – included in donation Variable – circa $30,000
Net Worth Requirement None None
Real Estate Investment Option No Yes, from $200,000 (government approved only).
Visa-Free Countries (2021) 129 122

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Vanuatu CBI vs Dominica CBI Program Pricing: Donations

Single Applicant $130,000 ($135,500 total) $125,000 ($167,400 total)
Married Couple $150,000 ($155,000 total) $175,000 ($223,850 total)
Family of 3 (1 Child under 18) $165,000 ($170,500) $175,000 ($230,300 total)
Family of 4 (2 Children under 18) $180,000 ($185,500) POA – age dependent
Additional Minor Dependents (3d child, 4th child, etc. under 18) +$10,000 per applicant POA – age dependent
Additional Adult Dependents (over 18) +$10,000 per applicant POA
Additional Adult Dependents (Parents, Grandparents, 65+) +$10,000 per applicant POA

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Fast Country Facts 2022

Location South Pacific Caribbean
Population 300,000 (2020) 71,800 (2019)
GDP $934.2 million (2019) $582.4 million (2019)
Politics  Constitutional democracy Democratic republic
Religion 83% Christian 61% Roman Catholic
Languages English, French, Bislama English, French, Creole, Kalinago language:
Currency Vanuatu vatu Eastern Caribbean dollar
Economy Agriculture, Financial Services, Tourism, Agriculture, Financial Services, Tourism
Tax Haven Yes Yes
Capital Port Villa Roseau