Vanuatu CBI Program vs St Lucia CBI Program (2024)

Compare the minimum donations, application timelines and program benefits for the Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment Program and St Lucia CBI Programs below:

Minimum Donation $130,000 ($135,500 total) $100,000 ($139,600 total)
Application Timeline 30 – 45 Days 6 Months
Family Eligibility Spouse, Children, Parents, Grandparents (55+) Spouse, Children, Parents, Grandparents (55+)
Minimum Stay None None
Language Requirement None None
Professional Fees None – included in donation Variable – circa $30,000
Net Worth Requirement None None
Real Estate Investment Option No Yes, from $300,000 (govt. approved only).
Visa-Free Countries (2021) 129 144

THE VERDICT: If you need to visa-free access to Russia, Vanuatu’s passport is the superior choice (in fact, none of the Caribbean CIPs offer visa-free access to Russia).

If you have to have visa-free access to China, however, Grenada is the only Caribbean CIP passport to offer that.

If you need the fastest citizenship by investment application process in the world, choose the Vanuatu Citizenship Program.

Contact us now for a free program costing quote, or compare the two countries and their Citizenship By Investment programs in more detail below…

Vanuatu CBI vs St Lucia CBI Program Pricing: Donations

Single Applicant $130,000  ($135,500 total) $100,000 ($139,600
Married Couple $150,000 ($155,500 total) $140,000 ($185,700
Family of 3 (1 Child aged 17) $165,000 ($170,500 total) $150,000 ($201,800 total)
Family of 4 (2 Children under 18) $180,000 ($185,500 total) $150,000 ($207,900 total)
Additional Minor Dependents (3d child, 4th child etc. under 18) +$10,000 per applicant POA
Additional Adult Dependents +$10,000 per applicant POA
Additional Adult Dependents (Parents, Grandparents, 65+) +$10,000 per applicant POA
Professional Services Fees None – included in donation Circa $30,000

The Vanuatu CBI’s all-round value and fast application process has made it one of the world’s top-selling Citizenship By Investment programs in 2024…


Fast Country Facts 2024

Location South Pacific Caribbean
Population 326,740 (2022) 179,857 (2022)
GDP $1.056 billion (2022) 2.344 billion USD (2022)
Politics  Constitutional democracy Independent parliamentary democratic constitutional monarchy
Religion 83% Christian 90% Christian
Languages English, French, Bislama English
Currency Vanuatu vatu Eastern Caribbean dollar
Economy Agriculture, Financial Services, Tourism, Agriculture, tourism, financial services, service industries
Tax Haven Yes Yes
Capital Port Villa Castries