When Is The Price Of Caribbean Citizenship By Investment Increasing?

The new pricing structure for 4 out of the 5 Caribbean Citizenship By Investment Programs will come into effect as of July 1, 2024. From this date onwards, the minimum donation amount to obtain a passport by investment in St Kitts, Dominica, Grenada and Antigua will be increasing to $200,000 (even for a single applicant). [...]

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Does the Vanuatu CBI Program accept Bitcoin as payment?

The Vanuatu government does NOT directly accept CBI donation payments in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. However, the Citizenship By Investment firm facilitating your application can assist you in paying them in Bitcoin, after which they can convert the payment to a fiat currency  such as the US Dollar (USD), Australian Dollar (AUD or Japanese Yen [...]

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Which Vanuatu banks may provide their services to CBI investors?

According to the law of Vanuatu, the following banks may service the financial needs of CBI investors: National Bank of Vanuatu Bank South Pacific (Vanuatu) Limited Bred Bank (Vanuatu) ANZ Bank (Vanuatu) Limited Vanfuteng Bank

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Can Vanuatu citizens open accounts with a crypto exchange?

Yes, there are numerous cryptocurrency exchanges that will allow Vanuatu citizens to open accounts, however not all of the bigger exchanges accept applications from Ni-Vanuatu. Get in touch to discuss your specific situation with a Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment expert today.

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What are the best Citizenship By Investment Programs for Canadians in 2024?

As of October 2023, the following Citizenship By Investment (CBI) programs accept applications from Canadian nationals: ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA: Antigua is a good middle-of-the-road option in the Caribbean, however the cost of living there is considerably higher than in many other parts of the Caribbean. Offers visa-free travel to the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Russia [...]

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What is the Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment Official Website?

The official government website of the Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment Program is vancitizenship.gov.vu - NOT www.vanuatucitizenship.gov.vu or www.vanuatucbi.gov.vu. Find out more about the program here, or contact us now for a free quote.

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What is the fastest second passport Americans can get by investment in 2024?

As of May 2024, the fastest passport US citizens can obtain by investment is the Vanuatu Passport. Under the Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment Program, applicants can obtain a second passport in as little as 30 days, however the norm is for the application process to take around 50 to 60 days. Find out more about [...]

Vanuatu Tax Benefits In 2024?

As of October 2023, Vanuatu economic citizens enjoy the following tax benefits: 1. Pay no personal income or corporate tax 2. Pay no withholding or capital gains tax 3. No estate, gift or wealth taxes are applicable 4. Locally applicable VAT rate of only 12.5% The possibility to obtain a driver's license, secure a local [...]

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Which nationalities aren’t allowed to apply for the Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment Program?

As things stand in late March 2021, the following nationalities aren't allowed to apply for Vanuatu Citizenship...Unless they've been living outside of their country of origin for at least 5 years: Iran Iraq North Korea Syria Yemen.

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How long does it take to get Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment?

The Vanuatu Citizenship Program boasts the fastest application timeline of all CBI programs in the world. The program is purely donation based, and therefore does not involve a time-consuming property investment. Combined with a streamlined and digitized application process, applicants therefore typically obtain their second citizenship and Vanuatu Passport in as little as 30 days [...]

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