The new pricing structure for 4 out of the 5 Caribbean Citizenship By Investment Programs will come into effect as of July 1, 2024. From this date onwards, the minimum donation amount to obtain a passport by investment in St Kitts, Dominica, Grenada and Antigua will be increasing to $200,000 (even for a single applicant).

There is therefore still time to apply – however, you are going to have to act swiftly to avoid missing out.

While St Lucia has not signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) mandating the price increase, the country is expected to follow suit in the near future.

The above development creates a unique market opportunity for the Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment Program, as its minimum contributions remain unaffected by the changes in the Caribbean:

  • Vanuatu DSP Price: As of May 19, 2024, the minimum all-in pricing for the Vanuatu CB’s donation route remains unchanged at $135,500, ALL-IN.
  • Vanuatu CIIP Price: Under Vanuatu’s new Capital Investment Immigration Program, the minimum required capital contribution is $150,000 ALL-IN. This amount covers single applicants, married couples, as well as families of 3 or 4 people (i.e. a married couple and two children under the age of 25 years). In addition, after 5 years, $50,000 of this principal sum is returned to the CBI applicant.

    This reduces the effective cost of obtaining a Vanuatu passport by investment to just $25,000 per person for a family of four, making it THE most cost-effective CBI offering on the market today.

The minimum new pricing requirements for Caribbean real estate, as well as the minimum donation requirements for married couples, families and adult eligible dependents across the above-mentioned 4 programs, have presently not been announced yet (as of May 16, 2024).

The minimum requirements for these groupings are expected to be announced on or around June 30, 2024.

We will be updating this content as more official program information becomes available, so stay tuned for more.

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